UXLabs provides consulting services based around a philosophy of user-centred design, with an emphasis on evidence-based research from the fields of cognitive psychology and human-computer interaction:

  • User research
    • contextual inquiry, task analysis, usability testing
    • creation of personas, scenarios, mental models, test reports & recommendations
  • Design and prototyping
    • interaction design, user interface design, concept ideation
    • creation of wireframes, interactive prototypes, style guides, design patterns
  • Information architecture
    • card sorting, expert reviews, navigation design
    • creation of site maps, user journeys, taxonomies, labelling strategies
  • Site search analytics
    • pattern analysis, failure analysis, session analysis
    • insights into practical ways to improve site search performance, site navigation, metadata and content
  • UX workshops and training
    • design process definition, mentoring, innovation workshops
    • professional training courses on user-centred design and information architecture